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It is possible to finish and with presence of records in DBA_REDEFINITION_ERRORS. Demos are being upgraded to reflect the new Container paradigm as well as EBR (Edition Based Redefinition) and may contain references to CDBs, PDBs, and other objects you may not be Please try the request again. In the case where the interim table is partitioned, the normal methods for parallel execution for partitioning apply. * Tables in the SYS and SYSTEM schema cannot be redefined online. *

It displays the dependent objects for which errors were raised while attempting to create similar objects on the interim table of the redefinition. enable, disable options in11.2 Generate DDL commands of existingobjects RSS feed Google Youdao Xian Guo Zhua Xia My Yahoo! That is to update representation DBA_REDEFINITION_ERRORS? SQL> Option 2 - simply tell DBMS_REDEFINITION to ignore the error (ignore_errors=>true).

you can also convert long to lob exec dbms_redefinition.start_redef_table(‘SCOTT','EMP','EMP_tmp','col1 col1, testlob testlob, to_lob(testlong) testlong',dbms_redefinition.cons_use_rowid); 4. What does select * from dba_redefinition_errors; say? –Philᵀᴹ Jan 17 '13 at 10:55 I have posted the question again. Whether this a bug or just the fact that this function is undocumented and possibly being used incorrectly is not known. asked 3 years ago viewed 3171 times active 2 years ago Linked 0 XML errors while copying dependents during a redefinition to an interval partitioning scheme Related 5DROP PARTITION strategy using

Column Datatype NULL Description OBJECT_TYPE VARCHAR2(12) Type of the redefinition object: TABLE INDEX CONSTRAINT TRIGGER NESTED TABLE PARTITION MV LOG OBJECT_OWNER VARCHAR2(4000) Owner of the redefinition object OBJECT_NAME VARCHAR2(128) Join 2 other followers 11.2 10046 10053 ADR AWR baseline clone dbms_metadata dbms_redefinition duplicate execution plan get ddl image init.ora instance caging make monitor online optimizer option oracle_home rebuild index runInstaller Please see. In this...

Is there a mean-value theorem for volume integrals? This will make statement 1 fail. –Philᵀᴹ Jan 17 '13 at 12:26 add a comment| 1 Answer 1 active oldest votes up vote 1 down vote Ok, minimal test case that Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here... CREATE UNIQUE INDEX "CDS_USER"."SYS_C0012094" ON "CDS_USER"."T_FDC_TOOLCONTEXT" ("SERIAL_ID") CREATE INDEX "CDS_USER"."I_FDC_CONTEXTID" ON "CDS_USER"."T_FDC_TOOLCONTEXT" ("CONTEXTID") CREATE INDEX "CDS_USER"."I_FDC_ENTITY" ON "CDS_USER"."T_FDC_TOOLCONTEXT" ("ENTITYNAME") CREATE INDEX "CDS_USER"."I_FDC_TIMESTAMP"ON"CDS_USER"."T_FDC_TOOLCONTEXT"("JOBTIMESTAMP") CREATE INDEX "CDS_USER"."I_FDC_CTRL" ON "CDS_USER"."T_FDC_TOOLCONTEXT" ("EAJOBNAME") CREATE INDEX "CDS_USER"."I_FDC_PRJ"

array: set width for certain columns Type of screw / fastener should one use to attach veneer covered particle board bookcases together? http://dbaspot.com/oracle-data-dictionary/370217-dba_redefinition_errors.html BUT any uncommitted transactions will result to a "Wait for Table Lock" wait to the session running the FINISH_REDEF_TABLE procedure. And whether still a question it is possible to continue that is start to dbms_redefinition.finish_redef_table?The version :SQL> select * from v$version;BANNER--------------------------------------------------------------------------------Oracle Database 11g Enterprise Edition Release - 64bit ProductionPL/SQL Release In t...

And there still 7 objects which were in DBA_REDEFINITION_OBJECTSSQL> select count (*) from DBA_REDEFINITION_ERRORS;COUNT (*)----------7It turns out that automatically errors are not cleared from DBA_REDEFINITION_ERRORS??? drop interim table drop table EMP_tmp purge;   to abort the redefinition process exec dbms_redefinition.abort_redef_table(‘SCOTT','EMP','EMP_tmp'); and drop table EMP_tmp purge;  If an exclusive lock is not possible, the session will wait  8. At age 25, is it still okay to wear dental braces to work? Creating a interim table CREATE TABLE "CDS_USER"."T_FDC_TOOLCONTEXT_ONLINE" ( "SERIAL_ID" NUMBER(15,0), "CONTEXTID" NUMBER(15,0) NOT NULL ENABLE, "ENTITYNAME" VARCHAR2(35 BYTE) NOT NULL ENABLE, "ENTITYCOMPONENT" VARCHAR2(10 BYTE), "SOLUTIONTYPE" VARCHAR2(10 BYTE) NOT NULL ENABLE, "JOBTIMESTAMP"

You can get it from a tool like TOAD, or by executing the following command: SELECT DBMS_METADATA.GET_DDL('TABLE','[ORIG TABLE]','[USER]') FROM DUAL; You should not transfer the "Big Your cache administrator is webmaster. resync tables 6. First of all, check if [ORIG TABLE] can be used by the redefinition process, by executing: EXEC DBMS_REDEFINITION.CAN_REDEF_TABLE('[USER]','[ORIG TABLE]'); If you get an error, is probably

check wether redefinition is possible by primary key    exec dbms_redefinition.can_redef_table(‘SCOTT','EMP',dbms_redefinition.cons_use_pk);  by rowid     exec dbms_redefinition.can_redef_table(‘SCOTT','EMP',dbms_redefinition.cons_use_rowid); -> creates a mlog$_table  (in schema-default-tablespace) 2. A quick way for these situations is to use the DBMS_REDEFINITION package. For example, subqueries are not allowed. * If new columns are being added as part of the redefinition and there are no column mappings for these columns, then they must not

dbms_redefinition_internal.is_table_partitioned( tname IN VARCHAR2, towner IN VARCHAR2) RETURN BOOLEAN; conn [email protected] as sysdba BEGIN IF dbms_redefinition_internal.is_table_partitioned('TAB$', 'SYS') THEN dbms_output.put_line('Partitioned Table'); ELSE dbms_output.put_line('Non-Paritioned Table'); END IF; END;

partitioning oracle-11g share|improve this question edited Jan 17 '13 at 18:18 Mat 6,62622434 asked Jan 17 '13 at 8:55 Rajesh Arya 613 You'll need to edit the question with Since the tablespace is dictionary managed, those thousand of extents must be deleted from uet$ [used extents dictionary table] and inserted into fet$ [free extents dictionary table] and then released. Know this, DML statements [INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE] are permitted during the redefinition process. Structure same as at the original table, except for 4 fields (not null in the original table).

My suspicion is that some coder inside Oracle is using an exception or other means to exit without returning TRUE which is really bad coding. Does every root have an assigned primary use? NEVER EVER USES THEM UNTESTED ON YOUR PRODUCTION ENVIRONMENT !!! even business as usual😉 With the package dbms_redefinition you can modify your tables online (with only a view exclusive locks) short summary : 1.

Now you should have [ORIG TABLE] in tablespace [TBS2] and [INT TABLE] under tablespace [TBS1], which you can safely DROP. Simply it turns out a bug as in dock it is written that errors automatically are cleared.For the sake of interest on test basis tried to continue with errors (I corrected The system returned: (110) Connection timed out The remote host or network may be down. indexes, views …) 5.

Simply restarted COPY_TABLE_DEPENDENTS. and International law. © 1998-2016 Daniel A. redefinition finish 7. create dependent objects (e.g.

indexes, views….)  declare     num_errors pls_integer;  begin     dbms_redefinition.copy_table_dependents(‘SCOTT','EMP','EMP_tmp',DBMS_REDEFINITION.CONS_ORIG_PARAMS, TRUE, TRUE, TRUE, TRUE, num_errors);  end;  /  These objects will be stored in schema default tablespace -> skipping this step, will cause There was no way to know this had happened.