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EDIT: This is not true anymore, I don't know why: Now the error page is not the IIS one but the ASP.NET one, like this: http://i2.asp.net/asp.net/images/hosting/11/aspnet_tutorial11_CustomErrors_cs_figure01.png?cdn_id=2015-02-04-001 Reply devdept Member 7 Points Unlike the HandleErrorAttribute it will also catch 404 and other HTTP error codes and it doesn't require customErrors to be turned on. How to typeset a system of linear equations in LaTeX? Dial knob in hotel bathroom How to politely decline my salary due to feeling I don't currently deserve it? http://ogdomains.com/error-page/custom-error-page-in-mvc.php

There are lot of articles about error handling in ASP.Net MVC, but most of them do not cover the whole range. I have 2 suggestions Check your code in the Application_Error, it works fine on you Dev machine, not means it works fine on remote WebServer. If you have a percent sign at the end of the url, IIS fails badly. Jason Ching very nice! https://driftboatdave.com/2014/01/27/the-bloody-arena-elmah-and-custom-error-pages/

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Back to ELMAH. will get to this later.." redirectMode="ResponseRewrite" /> For that you need to add HandleErrorAttribute to the list of MVC filters in your Global.asax.cs: protected void Application_Start() { // other configurations... Thanks so much! You can do it using your web.config And then you will have to implement the

Please accept if it does. When exceptions are thrown in your code, most of the time they will be thrown in MVC pipeline and handled by MVC error handling mechanisms. Purpose of having good credit when you are well-off? Elmah Mvc Tutorial Why didn't Doctor Strange use the Eye of Agamotto to heal his hands?

The only reason not to use httpErrors is if you are still running on an older version of IIS (< 7.0). With a HttpModule you can subscribe to the OnError event of the HttpApplication object and this event behaves same way as the Application_Error event from the Global.asax.cs file. Probably there is a way to extend HandleErrorAttribute and redirect user to a page with controller, but I did not bother with it. Can a wide body airliner land safely with a full fuel tank?

What's the fastest way to generate a 1 GB file containing only random numbers? Mvc Custom Error Page Have a look on that live: http://www.bing.com/%. And you should be able to replace all internal error messages to nice user-friendly pages. Thanks Reply devdept Member 7 Points 64 Posts Re: ELMAH and IIS 404 Errors Feb 02, 2015 07:09 AM|devdept|LINK No, it doesn't work.

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You can't handle that in MVC code. You get different exceptions on these cases. Elmah Custom Error Log Is it true? Elmah Mvc Error Page If your Custom Error Page still does not work, please provide more information, such as sample, error message.

Reply devdept Member 7 Points 64 Posts Re: ELMAH and IIS 404 Errors Feb 02, 2015 09:07 AM|devdept|LINK Unfortunately, you are not familiar withASP.NET MVC error handling. http://ogdomains.com/error-page/custom-error-page-in-mvc-4.php There is no golden solution which works for every application. Use case In terms of global error logging this is a great place to start with! This is the default value. Elmah Mvc Redirect To Error Page

Before looking at some code, we really recommend you to read Duston Moris Gorskis blog post Demystifying ASP.NET MVC 5 Error Pages and Error Logging. The only time when customErrors still makes sense is if you can't use httpErrors, because you are running on IIS 6.0 or lower. thanks Awaiting your response Reply devdept Member 7 Points 64 Posts Re: ELMAH and IIS 404 Errors Feb 02, 2015 07:48 AM|devdept|LINK This is not the standard approach in ASP.NET MVC, http://ogdomains.com/error-page/custom-500-error-page.php Closing The problem is that the custom error page is displayed only on the DEV machine.

It is useful when you need to distinguish your error handling between regular and AJAX requests on a controller level. Before going through each method in more detail I would like to explain some basic fundamentals which will hopefully help in understanding the topic a lot easier. Thanks Reply surajmindfir...

You can change this behaviour by setting the redirectMode to "ResponseRewrite": This fixes the initial problem, but will give a runtime error when redirecting to an error page

It will literally pick up all error codes and redirect to a friendly error page. And here how it looks like: <%@ Page Language="C#" Inherits="System.Web.Mvc.ViewPage" %> <% var logger = new LoggingService(); logger.SetLoggerName("Page500"); var exception = Server.GetLastError(); var message = String.Format("Unhandled Exception happened: {0}; with message: But even after disabling the global HandleErrorAttribute I am still getting the Error that the Error view could not be found! Nothing complex.

Browse other questions tagged c# asp.net-mvc-4 elmah or ask your own question. After read it, I tried remove the call to HandleErrorAttribute: public class FilterConfig { public static void RegisterGlobalFilters(GlobalFilterCollection filters) { //filters.Add(new HandleErrorAttribute()); } } But the issue is still there: i REMOTE ONLY: This is the best among all for the developers' perspectives, since this allows the Remote clients to view the custom error messages/pages. navigate to this website example.com/....

httpErrors in web.config The httpErrors section is similar to customErrors, but with the main difference that it is an IIS level setting rather than an ASP.NET setting and therefore needs to