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The following options are available: Output File: The full file name of the VRay files that will be exported (padding is handled automatically by the exporter). Use a , to separate multiple slave names, for example: slave001,slave002,slave003 Path Mapping For ma Scene Files (For Mixed Farms) Enable Path Mapping For ma Files: If enabled, a temporary ma Will an unknown mayabatch error simply return in a 211? Can I make use of the particle cache during network renders? useful reference

Plug-in Configuration¶ You can configure the MayaBatch and MayaCmd plug-in settings from the Deadline Monitor. You have the option to submit a dependent Mental Ray Standalone job that will render the exported mi files after the export job finishes. When submitting the job from Maya, if I check the Submit Each Render Layer As A Separate Job box, no jobs are submitted when you click submit. You will get better results this way.

Renderer Returned Non Zero Error Code 1

To do so, follow these steps: Requires min. Cleanup Tiles after Assembly: If enabled, the tiles will be deleted after assembly. One thing you can try is ensuring that the Local Rendering option is enabled when submitting the job to Deadline. The user has local admin rights on each PC and is running the service.When a job is rendered to the farm, the manager will render, but each node comes back with

Strict Error Checking: Enable this option to have Deadline fail Maya jobs when Maya prints out any "error" or "warning" messages. If let say the mayabatch run into issues with a scene file. Post Job Scripts now work again. Deadline Thinkbox Yes, you can submit your own custom scripts from the Advanced tab in the Maya submission script in the Monitor Submit menu.

It must define a global proc called CustomPostSanityCheck() that takes no arguments, and must return 0 or 1. Yes. Choose a satellite master machine, then modify the maya.rayhosts of the that machine so that it uses the slaves you want. http://docs.thinkboxsoftware.com/products/deadline/7.2/1_User%20Manual/manual/app-maya.html MayaBatch plugin on Mac now sets the environment variables normally set by MayaENV.sh before rendering.

Priority Offset: Specify a higher priority for the PREVIEW job. Deadline 8 We want to keep this list as up to date as possible, so if you run into an error message that isn't listed here, please email Deadline Support and let us Some of Maya's attributes are updated during the process of rendering on Deadline. If you see a Maya renderer that's not on this list, email Deadline Support and let us know!

Deadline, Integrated Submission Script

Created using Sphinx 1.3b1. navigate to this website It is not using the Maya option to render only the content of a specific display layer. Renderer Returned Non Zero Error Code 1 Mental Ray requires an additional license for network rendering, whereas renders such as mayaSoftware and mayaHardware simply uses your Maya license. Thinkbox Deadline Forum See the Job Submission section above for more details.

Command Line Args: Specify additional command line arguments to pass to the Maya command line renderer (not available when using the MayaBatch plugin). see here V-Ray error: [VFBCore::SetRegion] Error writing render region to raw image file. Reply Quote Newer Topic Older Topic Print View RSS Sorry, only registered users may post in this forum. Exception during render: Renderer returned non-zero error code, 211 When Maya prints this error message it usually means that Maya can't access a particular path because it either doesn't exist or Deadline Repository

Do this before submitting to Deadline if you need to use a Sim. Can I submit MEL or Python Maya script files to Deadline? If you are able to install and successfully run Maya & all your plugins/scripts from a network location in your studio, then Deadline will be able to support network rendering from this page Note that frame 0 will save out images 0 and 1, frame 1 will save out images 2 and 3, frame 2 will save out images 4 and 5, etc.

This plugin is no longer considered experimental. Renderer Returned Non-zero Error Code Deadline Doing this disables the local rendering feature, and ensures that your rendered images are saved on the network. However, if you are using absolute paths in your Maya scene file, it is possible for Deadline to swap them as well, but you must save your scene file as a

Blender: Output and Thread options are now supported.

Master batch job no longer crashes when there are more than 1 enabled state. If using Draft for the assembly, you'll need a license from Thinkbox. any suggestions? Thinkbox Software Another thing you can try is trimming down your scene so that is uses less memory.

This is Maya's batch renderer. This can be used in combination with concurrent tasks to get a distribution over the GPUs. Mental Ray Export Job¶ If rendering a Mental Ray Export job, select the Mental Ray Export Job type. Get More Info Maya versions 2010 and later are all supported.

Navigation index next | previous | Thinkbox Software » Documentation » Deadline » Maya Plug-in Guide¶ Job Submission¶ You can submit jobs from within Maya by installing the integrated submission