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Consult the logs for the NetWare return code. 38 The Tserver has received a message from the application or the driver that it does not recognize. Call your support number. 13 The Tserver was unable to decode a message from a client workstation. The other process goes into a standby mode incase the primary process fails. http://music.yahoo.com/unlimited/ _______________________________________________ cisco-voip mailing list cisco-voip [at] puck https://puck.nether.net/mailman/listinfo/cisco-voip erickbe at yahoo Oct11,2005,1:13PM Post #3 of 12 (3497 views) Permalink Re: CTI Manager Reason Codes [In reply to] Thanks. http://ogdomains.com/error-code/dcd-error-codes.php

This error should never be returned to an application or appear in the Tserver error logs. If this number is exceeded, the incoming client request is negatively acknowledged with this unique error code. If it is a valid message then there may be a software problem with the Tserver. Note: This chart lists only the PIM-specific flags and does not include those standard to all PIMs. visit

Cti Warning The Device Identifier Is Not Valid

What this > means is another CTI > Application has already performed a > 'DeviceOpenRequest' for this > specific device. > > In the AttendantConsole case, only 1 tcdsrv process > This utility is part of the CallManager PG in Cisco Intelligent Contact Management (ICM) Version 4.6.1 and later. The driver may be in an inoperable state.

The routine run in object ThreadConferenceCall got an exception (not of type CiscoJTapiException) on a call to "settransfercontroller". 13056 PERERR_GW_E_THREAD CONFERENCECALL_ HELD_CONN_NOT_HELD JTAPI Gateway – Error on CONFERENCE operation – HELD In other cases, the number of calls may have exceeded the capacity of the switch or the server. This is due to failing the default validation, or the specific validation defined in the Device Target config' 3rd Level Text = '' 10118 PERERR_TELDRIVE_INSTRUMENTNOTONPERIPHERAL 1st Level Text = 'Instrument is Cisco Finesse Error Codes These are used for routing requests and potentially other things.

error is received when you try to add a new agent. The Device Identifier Is Not Valid Cti Os By 'active' i > mean actively > controlling the AC Pilot Points. Music Unlimited Access over 1 million songs. SPX reported a problem on this connection; try again.

if the zip won't attach tocase due to >size, drop the traces on ftp-sj.cisco.com/incoming and >putthe filename in the case. Error 10150 Agent Is Already Logged In From the "Available Topics" menu in syscon choose "User Information." Validate that the user's login is in the list of "User Names." Use the "Insert" key to create a login and Try it free. > >http://music.yahoo.com/unlimited/ > > > > > __________________________________ Yahoo! Note:This is only for one agent and is not a system-wide issue.

The Device Identifier Is Not Valid Cti Os

Document ID: 10018286 Solution ID: 1.0.33289222.2350537 Creation Date: 05Oct1999 Modified Date: 25May2001 Novell Product Class:Connectivity Products disclaimer The Origin of this information may be internal or external to Novell. find more Error Codes Note:Some of these values are displayed over two lines due to space limitations. -1 PERERR_UNKNOWN 1st Level Text = 'Unknown Peripheral Error' 2nd Level Text = 'The Peripheral error Cti Warning The Device Identifier Is Not Valid This error should never be returned to an application. Ctios Failure Code 10 CTIERR_REMOTEDESTINATION_LIMIT_EXCEEDED The number of Remote Destinations has exceeded the max number limit.

No > >reportedproblems.Looking at a few other event log > >entries, some of themhave the already open reason > >code, and some are forinvalid device name reason > >code.All their AC navigate to this website PERERR_JTCLIENT The JTAPI client generated the error. Generated Sat, 19 Nov 2016 22:36:24 GMT by s_hp90 (squid/3.5.20) ERROR The requested URL could not be retrieved The following error was encountered while trying to retrieve the URL: Connection The call ID in the agent object is invalid (method "DirectSupervisorBargeIn" class ThreadSuperviseCall). 13113 PERERR_GW_E_THREAD SUPERVISECALL_ INVALID_AGENT_ CONNECTION1 JTAPI Gateway – Error on SUPERVISE operation – Bad Connection ID. Finesse Error Code Cti-32

it will copyand zip all traces from all > >nodes for you. State Incompatibility Errors 21 The server is unable to be more specific. 22 The object is in an incorrect state for the service. 23 The connection Identifier specified in the active Inside calls are calls originated by an agent on the switch; this includes consult calls prior to a transfer or conference. http://ogdomains.com/error-code/dct-error-codes.php IPCC error codes The following table provides a brief description of the error message and what they indicate.

This error should never be returned to an application or appear in the Tserver error logs. Ctios Reason Codes Validate that the user's login in the "User Information" list and the login in the security database exactly match the login on the NetWare Server. A software problem has occurred with the client library.

CONFERENCE_FULL This error indicates that all conference bridges are busy.

As far as possible, the CTI OS Server and agent desktop simulate the hardphone behavior of the peripheral in question. If so, follow the procedures for this error. 2. After the transfer or conference is completed, you can see call events for the merged ACD call. Cisco Finesse "error Code: Cti-1" Have some CTI errors now and then when CTI service, etc is working fine on system for some attendant console pilot point numbers.

The confirmation event will still be sent to the client with the version field set to "UNKNOWN". CTIERR_APP_SOFTKEYS_ALREADY_CONTROLLED This error indicates that the application softkeys are already controlled by another application CTIERR_APPLICATION_DATA_SIZE_EXCEEDED This error indicates that application data size has exceeded limit CTIERR_BIB_NOT_CONFIGURED This error indicates built in This could be either an application error or an overloaded Tserver. http://ogdomains.com/error-code/daikin-error-codes-ea.php Undescribed Error. 20512 PERERR_CM_PROVIDER_ CLOSED CallManager – Undescribed Error. 20513 PERERR_CM_PROTOCOL_ TIMEOUT CallManager – Undescribed Error. 24095 PERERR_CM_GENERAL CallManager – Unknown CallManager Failure on Operation.

Got an exception on a call to "generateDTMF" (method "run" in class ThreadSendDTMF). 13093 PERERR_GW_E_THREAD SENDDTMF_ INVALID_CONNECTION JTAPI Gateway – Error on SEND DTMF operation – Invalid Connection ID. An extension on the agent phone is shared by one or more devices. A connection has been lost. Single-step/blind transfer or conference is not supported.

Call your support number. 39 The device in the API call is on an exception list which is administered as part of the information for this user. 1. We will need > >these from all nodes in the clustersince we are not > >sure why duplicate device opens are being > attempted. > >This will show the functional device Table 4Client control requests not available to specific peripherals Unavailable Request Peripherals ALTERNATE_CALL Nortel Symposium ANSWER_CALL IVR CLEAR_CALL Alcatel, IVR CLEAR_CONNECTION IVR CONFERENCE_CALL IVR CONSULTATION_CALL IVR DEFLECT_CALL Aspect, Nortel Symposium, Rockwell Report this error to the PBX Vendor. 72 The invoke Id in the service request is being used by another outstanding service request.

This table shows examples: Error Indicates . . . CTIERR_REMOTE_DEVICE_REQUEST_FAILED_ACTIVE_RD_NOT_SET The active remote destination is not set. ACS Universal Failure Events These errors usually do not indicate a problem with the system and should be handled accordingly by the application. The connection specified for the HELD call is not in the held state (method "DirectSupervisorBargeIn" class ThreadSuperviseCall). 13109 PERERR_GW_E_THREAD SUPERVISECALL_ INVALID_ACTION JTAPI Gateway – Error on SUPERVISE operation – Invalid action.

open file and > search for your device name. > > /Wes > > Erick Bergquist wrote: > > >Yea, turned all those on earlier and awaiting next > >occurrance. Was this Document Helpful? The Alert type specified was not CONSULT or BLIND_CONFERENCE. 13080 PERERR_GW_E_THREAD ESCAPESERVICE_ NO_TERMINAL_LIST JTAPI Gateway – Error on SUPERVISOR (escape) operation. What this means is another CTI Application has already performed a 'DeviceOpenRequest' for this specific device.

RTP_STARTED_EVENT and RTP_STOPPED_EVENT are particular to IPCC to support recording vendors. Got an exception on a call to "redirect" (method "run" in class ThreadRedirectCall). 13090 PERERR_GW_E_THREAD RETRIEVECALL_ CALL_NOT_CONTROLLED JTAPI Gateway – Error on RETRIEVE operation – Uncontrolled Call. No service stops or starts, etc at least from event logs.