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Common Ni Daqmx Error Codes And Solutions


The final sample acquired can be determined by querying the total samples acquired after an acquisition has stopped. Make sure the value specified in Measurement & Automation Explorer matches the value in your program and that the value corresponds to the selection made using the jumper on the device. This error might be the result of an incorrect installation of NI-DAQmx or a related software package. Newsgroup content is distributed by servers hosted by various organizations on the Internet. http://ogdomains.com/error-code/common-x-error-codes-of-windows-xp.php

Error -200158Requested operation could not be performed because the necessary digital lines could not be reserved by SCXI. Error -200212Measurement units specified for the channel are not valid for the Measurement Type of the channel. Error -200116Lines on the 8255 chip for this device are configured for output. To remove this warning, slow down the hardware clock, or else change your application so that it can keep up with the hardware clock.

Labview Error Code 200088

To eliminate this warning, update the channel calibration, including the Expiration Date. I found no reference to this error code on Info-LabVIEW archives and the only reference to this error code on the NI Discussion Forum was that someone recently asked a similar All rights reserved. | Cart|Help KnowledgeBase Request Supportfrom an engineer NIHome > Support > KnowledgeBase EnglishChinese(China) 7 rating: 1 out of 5   Why do Error -200250Length of waveform is too small for the last "generate" statement in a "repeat until" loop.

Open a calibration session to get a valid calibration handle. Error -200065Action at the designated position in the scanlist is not valid for the device. The actual reference signal applied for calibration was different from the value you specified. Set your buffer size to 0 for On Demand sample timing.

Task Name: MWDAT0012 Status Code: -50103 According to NI it is a resource sharing error, and my solution should be to close running VIs but I am not using labview at Reconfigure the digital power-up states and perform a self-calibration. You will be notified whenever the author makes a post. you could check here Error -2001622-wire resistance configuration is incompatible with voltage excitation.

Unplugging and re-plugging the device back into the USB port may fix this problem. Reset the device by doing one of the following: 1. Error -200124Lines 4 to 7 of this port are configured for input. Error -200173The combination of Sample Timebase Rate and Master Timebase Rate you specified is invalid.

Error 200088 Labview

Either use channels of one direction in a task or make two separate tasks. Error -200051Input voltage limits exceeded. Labview Error Code 200088 I have the same thing going on, and am having > difficulty finding the solution. Error -200279 Daqmx If you are generating your clock internally, please contact National Instruments Technical Support.

Error -200149External timebase rate must be specified to translate the delay into ticks. http://ogdomains.com/error-code/dcd-error-codes.php Error -200026Requested string could not fit into the given buffer. saetechnologies.com - Colorway Wordpress Theme by InkThemes.com  Cart|Help You are here:NI Home > Support > Manuals > NI-DAQmx .NET Class Library Help for Visual Studio 2010 NI-DAQmx Driver Explore Products MATLAB Simulink Student Software Hardware Support File Exchange Try or Buy Downloads Trial Software Contact Sales Pricing and Licensing Learn to Use Documentation Tutorials Examples Videos and Webinars Training Error Labview

Error -200208Range statement in the list entry contains an invalid character sequence. Your computer will then reboot as normal when complete. This makes it easy to follow the thread of the conversation, and to see what’s already been said before you post your own reply or make a new posting. Check This Out Users will get an invalid task error.

Got questions?Get answers. For internal counter timebase source selections, if the counter timebase rate is set, its value must match the rate corresponding to the counter timebase source. Error -200096Number of samples to read must be -1 or greater.

The conflicting properties must satisfy the following constraint: Master Timebase Rate / Master Timebase Divisor = Counter Timebase Rate Error -200134Counter timebase source and counter timebase rate settings are inconsistent with

To free up trigger lines, you can do any of the following: 1. All rights reserved. | … … this manual is located at Start » All Programs » National Instruments » NI-DAQ » NI-DAQmx C Reference Help. … Each NI-DAQmx C function returns Error -200207Device identifier in the list entry is invalid. Search To add search criteria to your watch list, search for the desired term in the search box.

The conflicting properties must satisfy the following constraints: Maximum <= Counter Timebase Rate / 2 Minimum >= Counter Timebase Rate / Counter Maximum Count. How do I add an item to my watch list? If you have a PXI chassis, identify the chassis correctly in MAX, and make sure it has been configured properly. http://ogdomains.com/error-code/dct-error-codes.php Error -200034A sensor on the device detected a temperature approaching the device's maximum recommended operating temperature.

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