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Custom Error For 401.2

For more information about the classes, methods, or properties associated with this procedure, see the IIS WMI Provider Reference on the MSDN site. Apr 16, 2012 05:22 AM|NL|LINK Hi all, my problem: I have a site with NTLM and Authorization enabled, so that you are authenticated automatically and only members of a certain group I think this is the best approach, but would require clearing all of the http modules and redeclaring them. After that, the user can use the forms logon as fallback. http://ogdomains.com/custom-error/custom-error-c.php

The second request with credentials will be posted. It becomes 401 "Access denied" 3a. I don't see how that line of code fits this scenario. why would this be disabled by default?) Anyway, hope this helps someone.

Can you please help me...? - Ajay K Sign In·ViewThread·Permalink Processes running in IIS7+ Integrated Pipeline Mode don't need this... It allows for a default page to display when any unhandled error occurs, and it also allows you to specify different pages to display depending on the HTTP status code.I like I think its because when anonymous and Windows authentication fail only option left is the login pop up ( which is what i dont want) Sign In·ViewThread·Permalink Really Good One... Thanks for any suggestions.

however when I try to run your sample via my own web.config / site it won't run. Berend Engelbrecht11-Jun-09 7:54 Berend Engelbrecht11-Jun-09 7:54 Actually, the NTLM authenticated page lives in an IFRAME on my standard forms logon page, it is aspx without any user interface. Yes No Do you like the page design? Remember that you cannotoverwrite an existing oneso you must delete it and then create a new one.

I have since discovered a CodeProject article by George Mamaladze, and even a (somewhat related) Microsoft KB article. when tested localy on the server (win2003) the dll is not getting loaded. The whole thing works like this: The browser sends request without credentials to the server. https://forums.asp.net/t/1397643.aspx?http+401+2+custom+error+page+ Even if the user is logged on, but he does not have the required role for this access, the server returns a 401.2 error and displays the Access Denied Page.

Is that possible ? What are pros and cons of this? The way wininet authentication works is that if the resource you are requesting does not allow anonymous access, a 401 is sent back to the browser. When the page inside the iframe redirects to the custom 401 page, the "Logging in ..." div is hidden and the div containing the forms logon is shown.

What am I doing wrong and how to give custom page on user authentication error? My solution is designed to allow fallback from protected area into public one within one ASP.NET Web Application without receiving 401-1 screen. Hot Network Questions Should testers have access to view developers code? If you let IIS accept Anonymous you can still allow or deny unauthenticated access in parts of your application by creating individual Web.config-s for dithered directories ( entry).

If the user is not, the browser shows a login dialog. http://ogdomains.com/custom-error/custom-error-tag-in-asp-net.php It still displays the default Access is denied page. Hopefully this post will help improve the search results for other people struggling with this issue.The key to the solution is to intercept the EndRequest event of the page lifecycle, check There's no way around that.

The first one I found, and the one I use for my solution, was posted by John "iSpeakGeek" on ASPFree forums. I setup this app, and it works fine on the computers that are on the same domain. Couldnot debug why this is happening even by javascript alerts and C# debugging statements. click site Opened IIS MMC and navigated to the website. 2.

You can use this concept to apply the error pages to all sites if you wish. 1. From Custom Authentication to ASP.NET Forms Authentication 10 Ways to Boost COBOL Application Development Windows Authentication Smarter Security Camera: A POC Using the Intel® IoT Gateway Arduino 101 Bluetooth Low Energy Search Comments Spacing RelaxedCompactTight Layout NormalOpen TopicsOpen AllThread View Per page 102550 First Prev Next 401 in VS2010 LegecyWolf13-Sep-16 21:22 LegecyWolf13-Sep-16 21:22 Hello, i know it's a very old

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Prerequisites For information about the levels at which you can perform this procedure, and the modules, handlers, and permissions that are required to perform this procedure, see HTTP Error Responses Feature How do i redirect? Share This: Facebook Twitter Google+ Stumble Digg Email This BlogThis! Location Setting Paths that should be allowed Images Error The route for our custom error page Bundles This is the

Sign In·ViewThread·Permalink Re: login popup Member 1190713724-Sep-16 0:18 Member 1190713724-Sep-16 0:18 Hello, Im tyring to do same. Sign In·ViewThread·Permalink Re: login popup golden child16-Oct-06 11:54 golden child16-Oct-06 11:54 Help please!!! It will work great with HTML pages. navigate to this website I would like to do that in code and there your article seemed to be the solution.

How about using Application EndRequest handler? Many posts out there are looking for a solution to redirect to an unauthorized page instead of the login page. Hope this helps someone. share|improve this answer answered Nov 4 '14 at 21:36 jshao 211 add a comment| up vote 1 down vote So I was Selected display custom error pages and detailed pages. 4.

thanks ! Sign In·ViewThread·Permalink Problem with your sample Member 35072898-Dec-10 3:36 Member 35072898-Dec-10 3:36 i am trying to use with this solution, but i have a problem with that. mac mac - July 15, 2008 02:02pm i think I have discovered the issue.. Setting the custom error type to 'File' from 'ExecuteURL' did resolve it, but if the user canceled the prompt or entered a bad password, they got a generic "You do not

http 401.2 custom error page. [Answered]RSS 2 replies Last post Mar 16, 2009 04:28 PM by jwaz73 ‹ Previous Thread|Next Thread › Print Share Twitter Facebook Email Shortcuts Active Threads Unanswered The reason for this is that this error (401) is raised during the Authorization request event on the HttpApplication process pipeline (see below), and Custom error settings are processed during the Turning them off, everything worked fine, back on... This however does not work when we try to handle the 401 error under Windows authentication.

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But alas, no luck if anonymous access is disabled in IIS... If you intercept the 401 and redirect somewhere, you hijack the browser's ability to challenge. When it fails, it will redirect to the custom 401/403 error page that I set for that page only in the IIS configuration of the site. Not the answer you're looking for?

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