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Professional computer repair is more than just knowing how to do it, but about knowing what to do when things don't go right. When I started out, an old toothbrush and the customers vacuum cleaner quickly became my most used tools. If you do this on a new computer, be sure not to uninstall any hardware drivers. But in all honestly, many are not suited for it -- It is the reason why people and businesses like me exist. http://ogdomains.com/computer-repair/computer-fix-it.php

It is very accurate to the best of my knowledge, so please stop critisizing the article. And I only charge $10 flat fee. Our Store Locations California Orange County / Tustin Colorado Denver / Denver Tech Center Georgia Greater Atlanta / Duluth Greater Atlanta / Marietta Illinois Chicagoland / Central Chicagoland / Westmont Kansas He also provided us with links to HTG articles that dive deeper into each subject.

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January 6, 2013 Chase Vacuum your computer??? January 6, 2013 Lisa Thanks for sharing this information! Just walked in because one of my cables fried and hooked me up in less than a minute. If the air is dry and static might be an issue, simply take your shoes off and do it barefoot.

January 6, 2013 WhytteDragun @Riddle: yes, it's Microsoft's operating system, but the bloatware is from the PC's manufacturer (Dell, HP, Compaq, etc) not MS. January 5, 2013 Pateriska I trust your knowledge and appreciate the articles you offer on your website. January 6, 2013 Chad It's really sad in today's economy to see people trying to put other people out of business. Laptop Screen Repair Near Me This is because deleted files aren’t actually erased immediately.

Most of the time though, it is not as difficult as people make it seem. Skip to contentFree Shipping on Everything All Season LongCredit CardsOrder StatusStore LocatorBest Buy LogoSearch Best Buyclear Sign InSign In or Create a My Best Buy AccountGet rewards and exclusive deals, make And I only charge $10 flat fee. https://www.ifixit.com/Device/PC Worst idea ever.

This is not about superiority, but the reality of what actually exists. Computer Repair Training do not vacuum / blow it out instead … as for the rest of you; get over it ! I know of a back street shop which took in a laptop with a ‘dodgy' Windows 7, hdd full to bursting, crammed with spyware and problems. And this problem is not unique.

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January 6, 2013 Keltari @chad - Should I pay someone to mow my lawn? Get More Information I'm pretty sure the author didn't intend to write a book on this subject; he just tells us which fixes most people could do themselves and gives a brief overview on Computer Repair Shops Near Me When someone says "pay no attention to the man behind the curtain" they are trying to convince you it's always magic and you need the wizard. Places That Fix Laptops Near Me This post is my small contribution to public knowledge, to correcting misinformation.

Cleaning the dust using the proper tool may or may not fix the computer but it will prevent further problems down the road. http://ogdomains.com/computer-repair/computer-repairing.php Then we come to keeping software in top shape. Then they will shell out a few bucks to solve the problem rather than google and learn since they have other priorities in life. January 6, 2013 TheFu Backups are critical. Computer Repair Pdf

January 5, 2013 Pluto The virus and spyware removal section of this article is crap. Being disabled, I have lots of time, so if it takes me awhile to figure something out, it's okay. I always talk through what is being done, to whatever level the customer wants. navigate here This is an expensive service, so unless it’s extremely important data, you may as well just try doing it yourself.

January 8, 2013 Henrik I don't repair my own computer, just like I don't change my own tyres. Laptop Screen Repair Best Buy Much cheaper than paying $20 or more to replace it (it was a medium quality mouse). "Debugging", or malware squashing is often more complex that just running an antivirus program because This can also help if you’re experiencing other problems with your computer, such as file corruption or weird errors.

Maybe it's just me but I never buy anything I can make easily and newer pay for what I can do.

Pokemon Go Event in Raleigh, NC This is a FREE Pokémon Go event at Lafayette Village off Falls of the Neuse Rd. Contact Gentle PC today to book your computer an appointment. January 5, 2013 Amanda If all you are going to do is diss the article why read it yes SOME good advice but as one person mentioned teach the user how Computer Repair Service Any cleaning more than that requires diss-assembly anyway.

Published 01/5/13 SHOW ARCHIVED READER COMMENTS (80) Comments (80) January 5, 2013 toxictavrn "This is the computer equivalent of changing your own windshield wiper fluid." i dont know man, i ve Quickest way to kill your pc components, is to shove a nice big static discharge through them! January 8, 2013 Henrik I don't repair my own computer, just like I don't change my own tyres. http://ogdomains.com/computer-repair/computer-repair-help.php January 7, 2013 Kenneth Sorry man, but ESD is a hold-over from the 60s.

January 6, 2013 RedC5Ragtop Ok now that all you so called tech geniuses have beat this; what could have been a helpful article to death. find a counselor. There's no substitute for experience. JOIN THE DISCUSSION Tweet Chris Hoffman is a technology writer and all-around computer geek.

Not to say that the things listed here couldnt work. and you are complaining about the advice on this page…. my blinker fluid yes…… January 5, 2013 Luke It saddens me that people are willing to pay $99 for someone to remove bloatware for them. I will forever be grateful, and will not only use them again, but recommend them highly.

Even Microsoft is getting in on the action – if you bring a Windows PC to a Microsoft store, they’ll remove the bloatware for $99. We’ll give you a FREE Estimate so you can make an informed decision. Brand shops Compare broadband deals Clearance Services Software Software Games Learn more about Buying for business? Should I pay a maid to clean my house?

They didn't even use CCleaner! So shouldn't that title be renamed? They cloned the OS using EasyUs, (free) and transferred the data to a 320gb sata from a 120gb. It would be most appreciated if you would kindly advise how to build a server so that the computer can be used without the interference of a Graphical User Interface.

Well I am here to tell you , that I am a 65 year old woman who has had a computer since ever, ever and ever. The job of a computer technician is not just to fix the problem, but to teach others about the problem and how to avoid it.