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Mad Girlfriend Bug Jeduan Cornejo When you see something strange happening, but the software is telling you everything is fine. 28. He suggests to compensate for this to make usable systems, thus allowing a higher percentage of users to complete tasks without errors: If you sit down a group of average users The Life & Times of an Incorrigible. Screen. http://ogdomains.com/computer-error/computer-error-hal-dll.php

The early versions had security issues which hackers could exploit. Archived from the original on 3 February 2006. ^ Raskin, Jef (2000). "Messages to the User". The term can also be used for non-computer-related mistakes. When they were done, he turned to the artist and said, "that looks great.

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You should never open an attachment if you are not sure what it is, because some viruses propagate as email attachments; but they can't infect your machine if you don't open DVD drives can also read ordinary CDs. GOOH 9. See also quad-core.

Boot disk A CD pr DVD which holds a copy of the operating system, or enough of it to start the computer, useful if the computer won't start up properly from D.; Illiad (11 February 1999). "UserFriendly cartoon". I don't know if I actually invented this term or not, but I am certainly not the originator of the story that spawned it. Categories Of Error Of little worth is your ire.

Cook Code with too many layers. What Are The Types Of Error CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) A set of HTML commands used to control the style of web pages, much more complex than the tag-set it is intended to replace, but also I'm hearing a lot of people in the office say it now. (Possible alternates: Bugfoot, Nessiebug.) 20. ATM (At The Moment) Internet slang.

It is read by MS-DOS at boot time, after the setup has been read from from CMOS RAM and before running AUTOEXEC.BAT. Computer Jargons Examples Usually downloaded to the device from an online store. MS-DOS and Windows command line errors. Yoda Conditions zneak Using if(constant == variable) instead of if(variable == constant), like if(4 == foo).

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DOS (Disk Operating System; pr. "doss") Usually refers to MS-DOS, which was the standard operating system for PCs until Windows 95 came out, now pretty much obsolete. https://blog.codinghorror.com/new-programming-jargon/ Cybersquatter Someone who buys up internet domain names in order to sell them on at a profit. Types Of Computer Error Terms like PEBKAC or and ID10T error are often used by tech support operators and computer experts to describe a user error as a problem that is attributed to the user's Computer Errors List All the content on the site must exist to serve the mission of learning over entertainment – even if that means making difficult calls about removing some questions and answers that

Stack Overflow Careers has the best job listings from great companies, whether you're looking for opportunities at a startup or Fortune 500. weblink An infected boot disk may stop the computer starting up at all.Buffer: An area of memory used for storing messages. Computers with different architecture, such as the PC and the Mac, cannot run each others' programs. autocorrect A feature in many programs which automatically corrects your spelling, and even your grammar, as you type. What Is Error In Computer

Cookie A small data file stored on your computer by a website, in theory to allow it to "remember" your preferences, but in practise mostly used to track which adverts you ADSL (Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line) A method of connecting a computer to the internet over a standard voice phone line using ethernet office networking technology. beat-'em-up A computer game in which you control one or more characters fighting onscreen using karate, kung-fu and so forth. navigate here Widely used for high-quality digital movies and software.

All A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z Other 0 1 2 Computer Errors And Solutions We cribbed this one from Yehuda Katz, who used it in his closing keynote at last year's Windy City Rails to describe some of Rails' upcoming features. 14. The Digital Designer's Jargon Buster helps you make sense of this rapidly changing world, whether you're a designer or work in a related field, such as printing, production, desktop publishing or

See also bps.

Buffer A temporary storage area for data, often used to "smooth out" incoming audio or video streams. Although data is already coded in digital form for computer processing, it can often be coded more efficiently (using fewer bits). See also TLD, How web addresses work. Common Computer Errors Default A default setting is one you haven't changed - what a program will do (or use) if you donít tell it any different. "Accept the defaults" means leave any settings

Why do computers get errors? It says... Banana Banana Banana juliet Placeholder text indicating that documentation is in progress or yet to be completed. his comment is here Desktop A computer designed to sit on a desk (as opposed to a laptop).

Ninja Comments schar Also known as invisible comments, secret comments, or no comments. 21.