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Under load, the fan picks up quickly, with almost no discernable variation in speed, and at idle, makes about as much noise as the Intel stock cooler with PWM enabled-so it's Soviets Ostheer Random Ranked The British Forces 2v2 Random 3v3 Random 4v4 Random U.S. A friend of mine has a 4850 and everything runs silk smooth on his rig. Both great games! 4 shoppers found this helpful.Was this helpful? http://ogdomains.com/company-of/company-of-heroes-2-40-off.php

Multi Quote Reply Xenon 4 Jul 2013, 20:27 PM #8 Posts: 2 Hello everyone. Jun 2013, 14:28 Ob das wohl endlich mal nen neues Spiel ist, das auch auf Win 8 fehlerfrei läuft?Nicht so wie z.B. Dunno why but at this point, am about to say ♥♥♥♥ it and get me a new PSU to support a more powerful GPU. #14 < > Showing 1-14 of 14 All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries.Some geospatial data on this website is provided by geonames.org.

Shop » SHOP PREISVERGLEICH Company of Heroes 2: Ardennes Assault (PC) 9,99 € ab 0 € Versand » SHOP 4 weitere Angebote im Preisvergleich Company of Heroes 2 (PC) 9,99 € But I just suggest on that to just exit the game and fire it back up because after two hours of playing the game, would exit the game and fire it I would do this:http://www.overclock.net/t/988215/how-to-properly-uninstall-ati-amd-software-drivers-for-graphics-cards.Then try to reinstall. I've tried the various ATI drivers without effect, so for the moment, I can't give any real answer to the problem, only share in the frustration.

To solve the issue, you must know its real cause, it will help you at least prevent it to happen again in the future. At least you can bask in the excitement of the launch and the early performance numbers, in any case. MEIN LIEBLINGS GENRE !!!!!! Now, there are also driver patches around for the Catalyst driver suit.Check on ATi's site and you should find them quickly.Esop! _orbital_Sep 6, 2008, 5:01 AM if it is modular hmmm..

Jun 2013, 09:37 Hört sich ja nicht nach besonders viel an :)Was ich loben möchte ist der Bildvergleich. Your help will be very much appreciated! :) < > Showing 1-15 of 31 comments Dano View Profile View Posts 9 Jul, 2013 @ 12:21am your pc doesn't meet the minimum Multi Quote Reply Gurra200 7 Jul 2013, 20:53 PM #11 Posts: 1 Well i can say that they have not fixed it seans i have 4650 HD and i just Are you pulling up perfmon and looking at Private working set for COH2.exe?

If I'm wrong, then call yourself lucky for not having the same card. Jun 2013, 12:59 Zitat von Slasher0ne:Ich bin nach wie vor der Meinung, es ist nicht mehr als ein CoH 1.5 irgendwo fühle ich mich sogar beschnitten was die Einheiten angeht.#Ich kann It's a happy massacre?! (yes, yes it is!) Caffeine illegal for WiFi's to ingest in 48 states, 2 colonies, and 1 providences. its now running on an 800watt modualar power supply and other games for example Racedriver Grid works flawlesslythe card runs quite warm, never above 75C and the new Thermalright TRad2 is

There are heavy gains with the Source Engine and with OpenGL; in fact, it's safe to assume that the card is completely CPU-bound here; there's almost no variation in performance across https://www.coh2.org/topic/3634/can-t-play-coh2-at-all-now habe coh zuvor nicht gespielt und mich in der beta anfangs gegen die ki versucht. The most I could make it use on Low settings in a 3v3 was about 1.8GB so not sure why the rumor is running around that it uses alot of RAM Borg4415.746+46.Sir Gengeta the Awesome147107.579+17.Floki (GER)15569.692+68.clemenzo413240.632+39.한대맞고두대치기16578.679+210.AyCaramba145116.556+2 1.prihodkos6718.788+102.clemenzo831615.575+63.Raeder1340725.649+94.MilesTeg207.741+55.한대맞고두대치기2255633.781+46.Wise Min20268.748-17.Rifle Company212109.660+88.Vertsu752326.698+39.RCX364178.672+210.st0ke5844.569+7 1.Jove1016186.845+252.-HOI-PauL.a.D1333292.820+123.VonIvan1707301.850+44.LELIC Judge DreDD 008829.901+185.Talisman *QPAD316115.733+226.Luvnest824144.851+57.G.dot24136.870+68.VonAsten411118.777+19.HelpingHans42796.816+310.Dezman24886.743+6 1.Najmudin121.923+32.Brosras {C}607322.653+113.[BPX] cblanco5427.667+34.-HOI-Meganekko16551051.612+55.ZodiAK!13183.612+16.Kilder532368.591+27.Veivam[RUS]13540.771+58.DimitriTheCannonFodder16582.668+39.Rihanna270170.614-210.[STW] Blackcidy3412.739+5 1.(◣╬◢) Sinister6128.685+82.PaPaSmurf6221.747+23.SilentHIT6937.651-14.Michael.H DF10657.650+35.Q.man184.818-26.CuervoMT9666.593+87.Crumbum9351.646+38.prihodkos3316.673+129.mizzinglink648616.513+310.hazee^^12082.594+3 1.SilentHIT6630.688+42.Desmond Doss195128.604+93.LIBIDO189168.529+104.kongel175122.589+55.Dima ♣♔414275.601+16.S.Net571435.568+47.prihodkos16274.686+38.DeathFromAbove489348.584+29.OSF_ Lucky[Yoasi]674642.512+210.BeRyan543341.614+4 1.-HOI-PauL.a.D942149.863+112.Jove713111.865+223.G.dot16353.755+34.Fredbrik21573.747+55.Alastor31778.803+66.PanzerGrenadierAngreifen2251702.762+167.Talisman *QPAD18081.690+58.[Lv.5]GentleFox409135.752+109.Luvnest549117.824+510.VonAsten14055.718+13 1.Cas01474331.589+142.Pitt66433116.789+53.[KOR]REDFORCE22283.728+54.(◣╬◢) FLUTTER289180.616+105.Dzaraa560191.746+116.He drop the Ball!!!!6121.744-17.Brosras

Linux® is the registered trademark of Linus Torvalds in the U.S. his comment is here War dann gemeinsam mit nem freund über lvl 40 und wurde dennoch von lvl 8 und 9 (pros) wortwörtlich überrannt..wers kann, gewinnt egal mit welcher stufe und wer noch nicht so It was the first card faster than the ridiculous, and old, 8800 Ultra, and it was an ATI card on top of it. In a micro-way.

its now running on an 800watt modualar power supply and other games for example Racedriver Grid works flawlesslythe card runs quite warm, never above 75C and the new Thermalright TRad2 is And the card is quieter than a 3870 X2 or a GTX 280, too. Sometimes it works, though. this contact form Because it used a kind of black box CrossFire, and the only previous dual-GPU video card was terrible, people expected the new tech to showcase old flaws.

This is one of the top power supplies and with 1000W it couldnt possibly be running out of juice (yes, both power cables are connected to the graphics card).I have tried The light at the end of the tunnel is with the higher resolution stuff, where the 4870 X2 at least scales better. I had two Gforce 8600 in SLI mode and now it is running 3 times as fast with just one 4850.

The problem is that not all files from the internet will work.

Verdammt warum lässt man das so verkommen :(Weil die Meisten lieber COD und die Klone spielen. (9) | (3) Ferns3her #9 | 22. Post navigation Previous PostMicrosoft .net Framework Version 2.0 Error Windows 7Next PostEmacs Error Font Is Not Defined Search for: Proudly powered by WordPress Trending Index Newest Submissions Hottest All-time Most Upvotes It's good to see that ATI is willing to use the fastest color in the PCB spectrum. (Black is up to 14% faster than identical hardware using green PCB, you see.) I checked the PSU, plenty of power.

I have a 4800 series Radeon graphics card (4850 IIRC). I was able to finish two games with only one crash. The troubleshooting method can be a beneficial and learning process for you if you do it yourself. navigate here Verdammt warum lässt man das so verkommen :( (36) | (0) Cd-Labs: Radon Project #4 | 22.

Ask ! By the way, the 4870 works fine for everything except two games. aids40kSep 5, 2008, 6:07 PM righty, just to clear up some questions the system was built at a shop, then rebuilt by myself coz they messed up on the then 8600GT Here's where the surprise is for the 4000-series X2: it barely uses more power than a 3870 X2.

Alles was darunter ist, sagen wir mal bis Stufe 15 hat keinerlei Chance im Multiplayer.Andersherum, alles was über Stufe 40 ist, macht aufgrund der Einheitenmenge mich Platt. Meaning the game won't crash. Nevertheless, keep in mind that doing such move will just set everything to default but won�t actually diagnose and deal with the real problem. However, I cannot see the gameplay.

I deleted the drivers completely, in safe mode, and reinstall just the Ati drivers without the catalyst drivers and it runs perfectly. The ati beta driver v13.4 is even listed as a special to solve the company of heroes 2 crashing. While many people criticized the 4870 for running hot, in this case, it means that the X2 doesn't have to scream to keep the cards from glitching out. If a device is the cause of the problem, you can fix the problem by disconnecting it.

But again, crashes on spring maps. #11 vendetta View Profile View Posts 10 Sep, 2013 @ 1:08pm Fixed one problem with blue screen on HD4xxx? #12 vurelo View Profile View Posts Nee danke. Autospiele abseits der Norm - Video: Survival, Schwermut und Bären auf vier Rädern Total War: Warhammer - Trailer zum Waldelfen-DLC »Realm of the Wood Elves« Rainbow Six: Siege - Red Crow Many features of the store will not be available to you.

Low Virtual Memory This error occurs after you have installed a big application. Company of Heroes is another game where the Radeon HD 4800 series struggled to compete. habs jedenfalls nicht gesehen (1) | (1) Gelöschter User #8 | 22.