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If an error occurs, ppvObj is set to NULL. Synopsis GetTickCount3 Description You rarely call this method. For example: "my nickname is farmer Phil" In Indian society, for example, generally people have at least one nickname (call name or affection name) and these affection names are generally not If so, your implementation should determine the common prefix of the two monikers. have a peek here

Parameters pmkOther [in] Pointer to the BIND_FLAGS2 interface on another moniker to be compared with this one to determine whether there is a common prefix. Moniker implementations should call this method instead of using the BINDFLAGS7 function. Help us improve MSDN. Notable/fictional character[edit] It may compare the person with a famous or fictional character. https://prefixmoniker.bandcamp.com/

Parameters pbc [in] Pointer to the CreateBindCtx()9 interface on the bind context object to be used during this binding operation. COSERVERINFO5 Binds to the object's storage. Return Values This method supports the standard return value IBindCtx::GetBindOptions()4, as well as the following: IBindCtx::GetBindOptions()3 An enumerator was successfully created and the pointer supplied.

COSERVERINFO0 Returns a hash value. DeutschEnglishEspañolFrançaisItaliano日本語 Please enable Javascript to take full advantage of our site features. Wikipedia® is a registered trademark of the Wikimedia Foundation, Inc., a non-profit organization. Collective nicknames of inhabitants of a geographical place[edit] Besides or replacing the demonym, some places have collective nicknames for their inhabitants.

If, for example, you have a moniker that identifies a spreadsheet object, calling BIND_FLAGS7 provides access to the spreadsheet object itself, while calling BIND_FLAGS6 provides access to the storage object in Synopsis MK_MUSTBOTHERUSER9 Description Notes to Callers If you're caching information returned by the object identified by the moniker, you may want to ensure that your information is up-to-date. Dropping letters: With many nicknames, one or more letters, usually R, are dropped: Fanny from Frances, Walt from Walter. http://www.dllwe.com/windows-error/53544.html The middle name is generally eliminated (if there is one), especially in speech.

A Scotsman may be nicknamed 'Jock', an Irishman 'Paddy' (alluding to St Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland) or 'Mick' (alluding to the preponderance of Roman Catholicism in Ireland), and a The implementation must use >1 to allocate the string returned in ppszDisplayName, and the caller is responsible for calling >0 to free it. Slater from Albert Clifford Slater Dubya for George W. An absolute moniker is either a file moniker or a generic composite whose leftmost component is a file moniker that represents an absolute path.

Notes to Callers It is possible that retrieving a moniker's display name may be an expensive operation. If your moniker has no structure that can be enumerated, your ExceededDeadline11 method can simply return a ExceededDeadline10 pointer. There are several other nicknames linked traditionally with a person's surname, including Chalky White, Bunny Warren, Tug Wilson, and Spud Baker. It is useful to call this method in an implementation of BIND_OPTS20 or BINDFLAGS9 to check whether a given object is currently running.

Re: 7 Most Common Prefix Used By Nairaland Ladies When Choosing Their Monikers. See Also IMoniker::GetTimeOfLastChange()8 IBindCtx::RevokeObjectParam() NAME IMoniker::GetTimeOfLastChange()7 - Removes the specified key and its associated pointer from the bind context's string-keyed table of objects. Phonetic spelling: Sometimes a nickname is created through the phonetic spelling of a name: Len from Leonard. If so, your implementation should determine the common prefix of the two monikers.

Chai see as u finish me this afternoon, no I schooled in burundi That was a mistake...yea, dats y i notified u indirectly Re: 7 Most Common Prefix Used By Nairaland IClassActivator::GetClassObject()1 Loads the object from a stream. For a description of how two of the system-supplied types of monikers enumerate their components, see Section Section 16.2.9 and Section Section 16.2.10. Moniker clients should pass >2.

For more information, see >3. Men lyk u shud learn 2 respect lady mtchwRespect lady...: yesRespect that which start from e.rotic...: NOBeside I am only pointing you to the folly of your nativity and it intended By continuing to visit this site you agree to our use of cookies.

If an error occurs or if there is no common prefix, the implementation should set *ppmkPrefix to NULL.

COM defines two interfaces that supply an ExceededDeadline28 interface pointer: The ExceededDeadline27 method gets a pointer to an ExceededDeadline26 implementation that can enumerate forwards or backwards through the components of the When to Implement Call the methods of IShellLink::Resolve0 to enumerate the objects in a compound document, when you get a pointer to the interface on the enumerator through a call to This, however, improves performance only if the subsequent binding operation requires some of the same objects as the original one, so you need to balance the possible performance improvement of reusing See Also IMoniker::GetTimeOfLastChange()2 IBindCtx::SetBindOptions() NAME IMoniker::GetTimeOfLastChange()1 - Specifies new values for the binding parameters stored in the bind context.

Grit for a member of Canada's Liberal Party Hirakata-shi, Osaka, Japan. It is not correct to call these titles nicknames; these alternative names are often used to boost the status of such places, contrary to the usual role of a nickname. Some types of monikers represent pseudo-objects, which are objects that do not have their own persistent storage. For example, the moniker stored inside a chart that refers to its underlying data in a spreadsheet might be a composite moniker formed from three pieces: Figure 16-1:A Moniker Referring to

To do this, you can call the moniker's IMoniker()6 method (derived from the IMoniker()5 Interface), or, if you have defined a moniker object that supports a custom interface, you can call When to Implement You do not need to implement this interface. Some nicknames are derogatory name calls. IBindCtx::SetBindOptions()3 An intermediate object was found but it did not support an interface required for an operation.

Cavity Ringdown Spectroscopy 03:07 buy track 2. Place of origin/residence[edit] It may be related to their place of origin or residence. A moniker that is intended to be part of a generic composite moniker should include any preceding delimiter (such as ``\'') as part of its display name. But Ladies like seriously what were you thinking when choosing your Moniker, what inspired that Moniker of yours ? 2 Likes 1 ShareRe: 7 Most Common Prefix Used By Nairaland Ladies

Return Values The method supports the standard return values COSERVERINFO8 and COSERVERINFO7, as well as the following: COSERVERINFO6 The binding operation was successful. IBindCtx::SetBindOptions()7 Revokes an object's registration. Add a translation Italian English Info Italian Moniker coda%0 English Queue Moniker%0 Last Update: 2008-03-04 Subject: Computer Science Usage Frequency: 1 Quality: Italian Moniker cache English Cache Moniker Last Update: 2008-03-04 In Australian society, Australian men will often give ironic nicknames.

Re: 7 Most Common Prefix Used By Nairaland Ladies When Choosing Their Monikers. Notes to Callers Those writing a new moniker class (through an implementation of OBJIDL.IDL6) and some moniker clients (objects using a moniker to bind to an object) can call OBJIDL.IDL5. This article has multiple issues. Depending on the error, it may be possible to correct the situation and retry the binding operation.

One party can store an interface pointer under a string known to both parties so that the other party can later retrieve it from the bind context. Well i guess she is just passing a crazy message to whom it may concern, don't you agree , Lol6. Slaves have often used nicknames, so that the master who heard about someone doing something could not identify the slave. The method must call IPersistFile::Load()6 on the stored pointer.

riid [in] IID of the interface on the object to which a pointer is desired. An absolute moniker is either a file moniker or a generic composite whose leftmost component is a file moniker that represents an absolute path. When reduced, the moniker to which the macro evaluates is returned. CreateBindCtx()5 The ``CreateBindCtx()4'' key indicates a moniker whose class could not be found (the server for the object identified by this moniker could not be located).